I see a blank page.
It allows me to think it out.
The doubt is rising
Like drought.
Like dough.

Like I want to remind myself
What I should be grateful for.
That my house has a door.
That a fire isn’t burning it down.
That my friends are my friends,
And every up has its down.
That the world is more blue then green
And it is truly beautiful
That my wife is a patient, loving women
And for that I am grateful.
That when I am down, I can have her love.
And twenty hugs.
And the medicine that regulates my brain
Is for the fears to not rise, but to also subside
And not something destroying my insides
like AIDS.

I am grateful, for the words that I can write.
That make me a psyche ward star.
I am grateful that I have got this far,
And that I keep on rising like the tide.
I am grateful for this see-saw life
And I am grateful for this Beautiful Mind.
I am happy not all the time,
But I shine like a diamond when I write.
And God gave me the insight, to stop
Destroying my insides, with negative lines.

Yeah, I woke up low, I did.
I’ll admit it,
Its bad when you have a dream, and you get
Killed in it.

But a little nicotine, and caffeine
And now I am shaking off the daze.
I got friends like AJ, spiritually guiding me
I have friends like Bee with her angel wings
And I have friends like you reading this.
I have friends like Chad, the man who said nazz
And I have funk, folk, hiphop and jazz.

Life isn’t that bad.
I feel grateful that you got to the end of this poem
Without judgement of the content
And I am content that I can write this down,
and do it under ten.

And I am grateful that I have put my time into each poem.
That I have bled on my notebooks.
I am grateful that I am still standing, and the levy hasn’t broke.

I am grateful for
each bad poem, no matter how bad, I am proud of and still save.
I am happy, and I am grateful. And my mind is clear and I am going to
keep this feeling of gratefulness in my chest.

And I am going to keep this mindset today.
And I am going to keep this mindset tomorrow.
And I am going to keep breathing,
till my last breath I borrow.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.