The world is an open jar
What is the world without open minds
What is the extreme dizziness of sleep
The laughing sound of sanity?
The stupidity of longing?
The nakedness of knowing
The passion of time
The guesses, the games
The questions
Lectures and lessons?
The strumming sounds
The rain of hesitance falling out
The simple strum of natural
The love of a goddess
Who doesn’t exist
The love of a god that’s open to forgiveness
The simple system of rhythm
The role of regret the science of struggle
The beauty of perseverance
The calamity of smoke
The singing of broken lungs
The love of someone who believes in you and that there is something
To seek
To find the new leaves sprouting
The simplistic toxic role
The hanger
The rope
The singer
The hope
The song
The sestina
The belief in breath
And the importance of breathing
Letting the rain fall
And embracing the fucking storm
And making it
Release you.
And learning to man it.
That’s when you understand it.
That’s when you listen to the seamstress and the songstress
And the love of conquest
And conquest of love
Strong enough to see through
The handicap
The skin
The broken bone
The struggle
Love is a laugh
Laugh your fucking ass off.
And release your soul
Through every pen stroke.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.