Poetry used to mean something.
Poetry means something.

I just have to find what it means.
And do I mean it?

Do I write only so my fingers have
Something to do
Other then twirl my hair and smoke?

I have written a thousand poems.
I will write a thousand more.

But at this stage, it is not just writing
But reasoning why?

Before it was to put my chaotic mind to rest.
Before it was to keep people interested in me.
Before it was to keep from falling asleep
Or to keep me from cutting deep.

But it wasn’t ever a job.
It wasn’t a do this, this is all you know
This is all people expect you to do.
You were given the gift of rhyme scheme
And rhythm, put that shit out there
Make it good.

No, I don’t remember when poetry became a job.
When did it become the source of my everything.
Why did I turn it into this.

Neglecting my wife, and shrouding a legacy of shit?
I have to realize why I do this.
I need to get back to why I do this.
Not because every friggin’ eye is on me all the time

Why do I write??
And why am I writing for them?


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.