Subject: Empowerment – A Message

The youth need a booster shot.
Too much hatred in the world, we forgot
how to love,
how to grow.

I heard about a diplomat, shot for being just that.
I heard it on the NPR news break, Echo told me.
At the same time told me Texas caught a cold.
This is the world we know.
An insurrection happened on January 6th
from an old President denying a new president’s right to exist.
That’s something that happened.
Not too long ago, only a month ago.
The old president was arraigned, and detained, and let go.
Said it was freedom of speech, and he didn’t know.
He was acquitted of impeachment, what’s the reason?
I don’t know, how we didn’t see it,
how we let it go.

Subject: Empowerment.
To move, to make movements with your writtens,
to grind so hard, a sense of deliverance is risen.
Because your mission should be to listen,
to listen to the children of tomorrow, who hold the key
that we passed on from the doors of perception.
The doors of Perception that this world is what they want it to be.
Or not.
So, I will use my little soap box, to tell the children
give it all you got.
Don’t let the bullies win.
Don’t let the bullies forget.
Kill’em with success, make them regret, pushing you, pulling you,
saying the things that made you you.

Say to the bullies of this century, you cannot get to me.
I am the future, and you are a dying battery.
So move away from me, with your negativity.
I have something to do with my life.
Say that, and step over them, while they step to the side.

You did it nonviolent, you did with a message, you did it with your words.;
Now step over the bully
and change the world.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His latest book is Train of Thought.