So finally,
All you can do
Is lie on back
In the old bed
You just made
In blanket cavern
That grows a cocoon
The emergency state
A relaxation response
This place you’ve known
A whole long time gone life
Rocket plane or submarine
Height and depth and breadth
At once prone corpse posture
Millenniums of sorry history
And the body of pre-history
Just lie low there below
Just let it all be and be
Be, be, be, be, be,
Just let it all be
So very wrong
So very gone
A life


James Van Looy has been a fixture in Boston’s poetry venues since the 1970s. He is a member of Cosmic Spelunker Theater and has run poetry workshops for Boston area homeless people at Pine Street Inn and St. Francis House since 1992. Van Looy leads the Labyrinth Creative Movement Workshop, which his Labyrinth titled poems are based on. His work appears weekly in Oddball Magazine.