Just found out this Monday that Epstein of Lolita Express and Pedophile Is.
most probably is connected to deep state black mail operations that go back
to the 1930’s organized crime deals and then WW II OSS (Office of Strategic
Services) deal with the devil: Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky among others.
Wm. Barr Agent Orange Head’s Attorney General helped keep all this under
wraps at the time of the Church Committee hearings c. mid-1970’s when he
was a Justice Dept. lawyer in the OLC (Office of Legal Counsel) having come
from working at the C.I.A. to which his family had deep connections (and his
father hired Epstein later to teach math to young women at a private school).
H.W. Bush, of course, was then C.I.A. head in charge of damage limiting ops
after Watergate. Nixon, of course, had ties to organized crime that went back
to his first congressional election but it turns out Reagan, consummate creep
of opportunism had similar ties to MCA a music conglomerate with deep mob
connections. Cheney and Rumsfeld were Ford’s Chief of Staff & Sec. of Defense
deeply laboring in similar cover up of Vietnam genocidal crimes. All of this drug
dealing/ sex trafficking blackmail of sex and drug involvement was then folded
into Iran-contra as well as U.S. involvement with right wing fundamentalist
militias in Columbia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central America, the Middle-east.
Much of this has now come into the public record. The nexus for all of it would
be Roy Cohn, McCarthy’s old attack dog from the communist witch hunts of
the 1950’s (so ironic that Trump uses the witch hunt trope for the Russia-gate
mess when his mentor by his own admission was Roy Cohn as in Where’s my
Roy Cohn?). Then he turns around and commie baits entire Democratic Party
which has been desperately attempting to be fair haired special status go to
enabler of the national security/ military industrial complex so closely glued
up the ass of the spooks they see nothing except global anal middle passage
                                        to a dying planet.


James Van Looy has been a fixture in Boston’s poetry venues since the 1970s. He is a member of Cosmic Spelunker Theater and has run poetry workshops for Boston area homeless people at Pine Street Inn and St. Francis House since 1992. Van Looy leads the Labyrinth Creative Movement Workshop, which his Labyrinth titled poems are based on. His work appears weekly in Oddball Magazine.