“The government has battled brutal drug cartels often taking out their leaders. That
has resulted in fragmentation of gangs and increased viscous internecine fighting.”

Even though there was clear evidence at least by mid-1970’s that killing leaders
in drug gangs only spawns wars of succession in both the Drug war and Terror War
(really a war of, by and for terror) both continue these policies of decapitation
targeted killings and now, of course GPS directed drone strikes (thank you Bush
then Obama such a gift for the Generals of Agent Orange head) so here we are
a quarter century later with Agent Orange Head racist-in- chief sitting in the White
House but never seen in Oval Office, the countries nominal Unitary Executive
narcissistic to the point of final fatal Cartesian solipsism blatant racism in front
the Lincoln Monument Memorial native American elder surrounded by white boys
making hatchet hand motions in The Chop the football body language of bashed brains
on the gridiron just been enacted at the American Football Conference Championship
game where the Patriots beat the Chiefs in overtime you can’t help thinking what!
are people thinking when thinking definitely is not in style when the Right to Lifers
supported by a vast media echo chamber of billionaire owned and operated think tanks
and legal (ity) societies and whole newspaper chains and clear channels and TV cable
networks that can instantly amplify any one(s) point of view and never allow the actual
voice at the that flash point where Pocahantas was abducted and raped where Wounded
Knee is still a raw wound where slavery just moved into the prisons where the color
of your skin is everything where where you live is everything where you never have
enough where the Senate is about to approve as new Attorney General (that is Chief
Law Enforcement Officer) the guy who arranged the pardons of the public officials who
were in charge of the Iran-contra operations that began as Reagan (probably represent-
ed by H.W. Bush) encouraged the new Iranian Islamic government to hold hostages
taken when Jimmy Carter allowed the U.S. C.I.A. installed puppet, the Shah, to come
into the U.S. (that is us) for cancer treatment so that Iranian nationalists took the U.S.
embassy in Teheran, and Khomeini, the Great Mullah, only released those hostages
on the very minute of Reagan’s inauguration in order to show everyone Reagan’s big
deal to sell weapons to the Mullah in the war with Iraq, and then, of course, do the same
for Saddam Hussein and take the blood money from the arms deals to buy more arms
for the contras in El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras to kill public nurses and
teachers in Nicaragua since the Contras were Somoza’s Nicaraguan National Guards
(originally set up by the Marines) from back in the days of United Fruit cum Chiquita
Bananas who the C.I.A. was now sponsoring to overthrow the Nicaraguan Revolution
and in the process igniting revolutions in Guatemala and little El Salvador and counter-
insurgencies, torture, death squads and army mass murder especially in the high lands
where whole villages were massacred by government special forces with officers trained
at the School of the Americas (Ft. Benning ) and when they couldn’t get enough money
to supply the Contras selling weapons and WMD to the Mullahs and Saddam they sold
drugs in the U.S. to buy the guns for the goons making Freeway Ricky a drug lord in L.A.
while Manuel Noriega was skimming the take in Panama another School of the America
graduate C.I.A. asset until he was not and Robert Mueller took care of that case after the
Invasion of Panama then going on to wind up the BCCI scandal which was the conduit
for all that bloody cash (Bank of Commerce and Credit International) in the last days of
H.W. Bush’s reign as William Barr in the last hours of that administration engineered
those pardons of the six indicted co-conspirators of that Iran-contra scandal (how they
love to talk about Watergate and mob controlled Nixon now but nary a word about Iran-
contra since they just made a saint in elaborate hagiography of good old H.W) oh Iran-
contra just an affair now as if Iran and the cCntras had a liaison cohabiting in some
secret love nest somewhere in deliciously undisclosed location when we’re all living
in some undisclosed location where the targeted killings that only cause more killings
go on and on and guess what Agent Orange Head is in the White House and his Hot
Heads and generals run foreign policy and Mueller will be working under Barr again.


James Van Looy has been a fixture in Boston’s poetry venues since the 1970s. He is a member of Cosmic Spelunker Theater and has run poetry workshops for Boston area homeless people at Pine Street Inn and St. Francis House since 1992. Van Looy leads the Labyrinth Creative Movement Workshop, which his Labyrinth titled poems are based on. His work appears weekly in Oddball Magazine.