On Morning Joe as I go out the door the daughter
of the Great Game author is saying the e-mails,
the interminable e-mails of the former Sec. of State
should not have been on her private servers just because
(there it is again)the F.B.I. Director that dropped the bomb
on this woman who was the neo-con successor designate
if it were not for that October Surprise! decisively delivered
10 days before the election yet the liberal media keep saying
over and over ”the Russians hacked the election” while the
Repugnant Party finally rebels to say that the F.B.I. Director
who dropped the bomb was secretly conspiring against Agent
Orange-head (now installed by standard strip and flip election)
and got warrants from the rubberstamp (and just renewed) FISA
court to surveil a member of Agent Orange-head’s campaign
and as I head down the stairs and out the door all I can see
is Hillary with Teddy Roosevelt’s famous bat going from corner
to global corner knowing all the weakest most vulnerable spots
to whack, whack, whack a-mole with that big bad bat when
in too obvious fact there’s Agent Orange-head whacking us all
in the head daily with Teddy’s big bad stick as Agent Orange-head
whacks himself in his orange head with his Repugnant Party Id.


James Van Looy has been a fixture in Boston’s poetry venues since the 1970s. He is a member of Cosmic Spelunker Theater and has run poetry workshops for Boston area homeless people at Pine Street Inn and St. Francis House since 1992. Van Looy leads the Labyrinth Creative Movement Workshop, which his Labyrinth titled poems are based on. His work appears weekly in Oddball Magazine.