© Bill Harvey

© Bill Harvey

The Odds is a single panel comic strip featuring married seniors Tad and Elmira Odd.
It covers recurring themes, such as married life, doctors, dieting, the workplace, culture, the economy…..
PLUS i dare to include POETRY, of a comics sort.

The Characters

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Tad Odd often plays the hapless dunce, a role he seems born for. He goes through a lot of jobs, an office worker one day and a Lab Technician the next ( whatever the gag calls for ). He has a Jack Benny deadpan expression; and encounters the more absurd sides of life; like rubbing Alladin’s lamp and finding a genie forming in a magical mist alongside an IRS agent.

Elmira Odd is the more sensible of the pair, offering a healthy dose of wit and sarcasm, a cross between Alice Kramden and Lucille Ball. She delivers the slice-n-dice punchlines. When Tad claims to have steered their marriage through all life’s travails, she wryly agrees that he hasn’t missed a single one.


About Bill Harvey

I am age sixty, working as a technician in the Detroit area. I always wanted to create superhero-style comic books, having grown up on Marvel Comics. I switched over to a single panel “humor” comic strip about eight years ago. It’s challenging to write gags in the single panel format, a lot of information in a tiny space. I enjoy the challenge. My goal is to get syndicated, so I can go at it full time. We’ll see.

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