Oddball Magazine is happy to sponsor and promote Into Your Art’s Live Art Event happening November 7 at Hibernian Hall in Roxbury. Join us for a wonderful night celebrating the brightest of Boston. For the next two weeks, we are introducing you to the electrifying performers that are going to bless the stage two weeks from now. Visit the event’s Facebook page for further information.


Kitty 1

Kitty Profile


Kitty Glitter is a mixed media artist, model and designer. She uses recycled materials and experimental techniques to produce dreamlike effects. She is self taught and primarily chooses to use reclaimed “upcycled” canvas or recycled boxes and paper refuse in her artwork. She enjoys creating sustainable artwork, and this usually allows her the chance to create and express herself even with no budget for non survival based supplies. To her, self expression is a basic need of life. Kitty also works as a freelance model, preferring to take on expressive and creative concepts.


Ticket Prices

In ADV: General $20 & Students $15
At Door: General $25 & Students $20


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