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A Very Melania Christmas


Melania Trump 2017 Xmas Haiku

in a dress as white
as her dead tree branches she’s
clawing, ominous shadows up the walls


Melania Trump 2018 Xmas Haiku

I’m working my ass
Off on this Christmas stuff, who
Gives a fuck about Christmas stuff


Melania Trump 2020 Christmas Decoration’s Haiku

This year packed with urns
Fifty to be exact
A sea of funeral arrangements

The Nightmare Before
Christmas Queen is right back
Not giving a fuck about Christmas


I Don’t Really Care, Do You? – A Melania Trump Xmas Summary

That’s on full display
Here in the dead branches
The blood-red trees, and the funeral urns


John Stickney is a poet and writer originally from Cleveland, Ohio, now residing in the greater Wilmington, NC area.