You slide down Fuji
In your sneakers,
Until your heals are burned
Volcanic dust
Carrying you like the sea
Life or death, it’s the same
To me, sliding down the mountain


Translucent serum
In my head,
Future dead, dreaming
Of herself, purling stitches
Crimson color
Blasting stones
To dusty rhythms
Peaceful harmonies
Melodies of mere
Music of the spheres


Skin grasps like plastic
For stones and trees
And people whom it frees
With its free spirit
I am a free spirit,
A rolling sea
Tumbling stones in me
Making them soft


News across the world
The sea, always the sea
That thing of metaphors
Rolling high themselves
Like the sea on a gust day


“Percolations on a Lattice” © Regina Velluzi


Gordon Marshall is a poet and music writer who lives in the North End. His history with Stone Soup Poets extends back to 1983, when his friendship with Jack Powers began. He has published many poetry books with Shires Press, Vt, and he has a music blog, The Flash, which covers local Boston music.

Dr. Regina Valluzzi explores abstract scientific concepts through complex geometric paintings. Many of the subjects of her abstract drawings and paintings are taken from topics in Physics research. Soft Matter Physics and Biological Physics ideas are often seen, arising from her main area of research for many years.