“Exorcising the Demon Virus 2020” © Terry Graff


Is That Spit I felt On My Mask?

I want to hug a
friend, a neighbor
my neighbor’s dog or parakeet
Her bearded dragon
She won’t let me in
her animals wear face mask and shields
What is wrong with this woman?
Don’t answer that
What is wrong with all of us?

I’d hug a plant a nice geranium or a bush
sea grass would be nice
I ‘ve wrap my arms around
the maple tree in the yard
when no one is outside
I call her Lola
She has veins with
blood running through them

When she is not enough
I stand less then six feet apart
from my neighbors waiting
for the bus

I tell myself they go nowhere
except to the grocery store
They carry only grocery bags
no viruses are on sale

I dress like a warrior
with mask and a face shield
I carry a spear
you can never be too cautious

My neighbors pretend this is normal
They long for naked conversation


What I Want to Do to the Corona Virus (Corona Virus Personified)

I’d like to take an air vacuum or create one
if there aren’t any at the home goods stores
and pull all the viruses in
then stand on a high mountain
maybe the Himalayas
and blast them out of a canon
made especially for unseen things
and send them into space
miles and miles beyond the Milky Way Galaxy
to the place in space where
they will dissipate and disappear
never to be seen anywhere
I will not hear their last sighs


What Else I Want to Do to the Virus
(Another Scenario)

I’d like to capture the invaders
in a lab dish
have a talk with them
Round em up while they are reproducing
I know you are trying to find a host to survive
I’d tell them
Who doesn’t want to survive
in this magnificent universe.
But no one likes you
I suggest you decide to euthanize yourself
after a cry
realizing if you don’t do this last act of self love
science will do it


4 Another Message to CV

Do yourself a favor before someone else does
You say where is Jack Kevorkian
when I need him?
Do you even know who JK is?
If not I bet you know about Governor Cuomo.
Am I imagining your voice?
You better hurry


Elizabeth P Glixman is a writer, poet, artist and highly sensitive person who often feels she is from another planet.

Terry Graff is a full-time professional artist who has maintained an active studio practice since 1975. The recipient of major sculpture commissions, acquisitions, grants, and awards, his work has been presented regionally, nationally, and internationally, and includes mixed media drawings, paintings, collages, assemblages, sculpture, kinetic works, and multi-media installations.