Slight of Hand Jesus Haiku

Surprise stigmata
were located on his wrists
the entire time.


Chocolate Jesus Haiku

Chocolate Jesus
has never heard of Tom Waits.
Don’t you find this sad?


Artwork © Allison Goldin

Artwork © Allison Goldin


Haiku Jesus Haiku

Fundamentalists plea
for clear but concise. Haiku
Jesus says fuck off.


Dead Horse Jesus Haiku

Dead Horse Jesus can
wait to rise again, knows the
beatings will not stop.


Chad Parenteau first published the earliest of his “Jesus Poems” in Oddball Magazine just over a year ago. He now serves as Associate Editor and columnist for Oddball.

Allison Goldin is an artist living in Cambridge. Her work is a collection of spontaneous drawings from the imagination. The most common link throughout her art are the semi-recognizable creatures scattered amongst and bringing together the surrounding doodles. She is currently studying Illustration at The School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.