‘I hope you know my name is actually Kelly and not-‘
‘Well, I’m sorry I misheard but it will have to stay that way now’
I drum my fingers against my chest, feeling the smooth plastic of my incorrect name tag sticker.


She told her husband ‘I may have adopted four cats’
And he put the knife into his mouth, sucking the sweet marmalade that hadn’t stuck to his toast.
‘How so?’ he prompted her.
‘Ah well, I hadn’t my glasses and they told me to sign on the line’
‘Will these cats get on with the gecko?’


I wandered the corridor of benches, all with cages of animals rested on their pockmarked surface.
I had hoped to stuff a few in my pocket, a gerbil, rat –
But the techie told me ‘please, don’t pet the subjects. They are for testing’
I made like I was stroking, not stealing, and then placed the duckling back into its cage.


He had carried her for five miles and her discomfort was growing.
She decided enough was enough.
‘Please, put me down. It is only a sprained ankle’
‘Nope. Not until it is seen to and we are sure’
‘I feel like a damsel in distress’
‘You nearly were. Fell head first down a mountain. What a start to the trip’


"Labyrinth" © Edward S. Gault

“Labyrinth” © Edward S. Gault


Katie Lewington loves her boyfriend, bacon sandwiches, poetry and reality TV. She is a published poet. She also writes book reviews and the odd (very odd) story, which she shares on her blog. Don’t be shy and get in touch, she likes to hear what people think about her work. Or if you have a book you think she would be interested in.

Edward S. Gault is a poet and fine art photographer. He lives at Mosaic Commons, a co-housing community in Berlin, Ma. He has a wife Karen, and daughter.