I’m going to write slow
so i can keep an even flow
i want to talk to you about
the pro’s prose, and let you know
that I was humbled last night
by a cat named Pope
He said to me you have moments of brilliance
but your style lacks substance
and I said, Ok, and promised him this,
he said to use three syllable words
to give your rhyme scheme a rhythm
and he said right now poetry’s for the children
not kids, im talking about people
who are the new voice, of slam poetry
and freedom of choice. and I tried to say that
I don’t slam, thought not that I can’t
just been writing to long, to many poems
and I realized I never had time to memorize
But apparently thats the truth, the real poetry
but me, I am a poet, since age ten
don’t know how to write without a pen
leaking the mesage, that comes from my head
and damn, man I just said it again.

Anyway, Pope said to use 3 word
syllable symettrics, to get to the next step,
to be respected and with a flow relentless
well sense is, and always has been
the writer with quick thoughts,
and a sense of timing,
a quick cat rhyming, freestyling each song
writing rhymes to pass the time
to keep my soul strong

So here is a poem I wrote for Pope
to let him know that I heard him
and he humbled me
and i gotta go to work cause its way past three
and I hope he can say something
some positive reinforcement,
that this poem had a point, not
just a mess of words,
and a few points of brilliance
let him know, that his words made a difference

thanks pope,

sense one