Artwork © Robert Fleming


The Girls Get Messy

Lindsay Bautista

SEATTLE, WA – An onstage altercation between performers necessitated a swift event cancellation for attendees of the Seattle stop of the ICBM’s “Daisy” tour.

The venue (downtown’s “Spotlit”) hosting “ICY BITCH MAFIA”, acclaimed drag duo made up of musical talents known professionally as Broad Daylight and Stomp Her, immediately issued refunds for fans after the former bafflingly struck the latter to semi-consciousness late last weekend.

Just after the completion of the 3rd song in the planned 2-hour setlist, Jonathan Castillo (Daylight’s birth name) assaulted Ryan Roman (Her’s birth name) from behind as he was in the middle of a short comedic monologue.

Present concertgoers quickly expressed great confusion in the discrepancy of the incident’s brutal unfolding and the two celebrities’ history of a relatively rather friendly public relationship.

“A bunch of us assumed it was like a bit or something, even laughed a little.” fan Ally Rodriguez admitted. “That’s kinda their humor, I guess.”
Just hours after the attack, Roman would reveal the extent of his injuries through his personal Twitter account; the blunt force from Daylight’s punch resulted in a minor concussion no doubt not helped by the considerable fall into the stands below. A reportedly troubling amount of blood required staff to quickly section off the wider area, and force the creation of a crowd-splitting aisle to meet medical attention needs.

Cellphone footage widely shared online depicts Roman, seemingly struggling to stay aware and head clearly suffering from red and purple discoloration, crying out for help as the building’s two lone security guards fight to keep the mass of mostly young adults at a reasonable distance.
Even through it all, Stomp Her’s trademark sense of humor seems untouched, evidenced by Roman’s tweeting “Bitch really knocked the Daylights outta me!!” to close off his previously mentioned statements.

The remaining tour dates have been delayed indefinitely if not soon-to-be outright canceled, and Castillo has been reported missing, not having been seen or heard from since the night’s happenings. Seattle PD have announced their active search efforts.


Omar Carrillo-Chavez (He/Him) is a queer latinx writer from Portland, OR.

Robert Fleming is a gay-man, word-artist, and scientist born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada who emigrated to Lewes, Delaware, United States. Robert follows his mother as a visual artist and his grandfather as a poet. In 1986 he published the second psychological research study on gay men’s response to AIDS in United States. Then, in the 1990s he was a contributing member of the District of Columbia’s Triangle Artist group. Now Robert is a founding member and contributing editor of Devil’s Party Press’ Old Scratch Press.