Photography © Mark Blickley


Pandemic Prophet

Proud Paleo Perfect People! Come forth and purify yourselves in our annual pageant of truth, the D.O.A. Dervish! Help squeeze the pus out of the pimple of humanity’s darkest time, the Dawn Of Agriculture, when we were forced from our true nature of hunter/gatherer into the curse of sagging and shapeless humankind that does not want us to venerate and expose the powerful purity of uncontaminated genes, free of chemical additives and crop failure famine. Flabby factory farming has stripped us of our true PPPP heritage. Dance to resist this molestation of grain growing and incestuous ranch animal husbandry. Dervish away the putrid D.O.A. domesticated abomination of that very first Dawn Of Agriculture, 13,763 years ago.

Better Dead Than Bread!
Homeostasis in the Highest!
Praise be the Lard and all other natural byproducts!


Mark Blickley is a proud member of the Dramatist Guld and PEN American Center.