Eating Poets
Chad Parenteau

Similes slobber like intestines from my gut.
There’s no profound zombie like me.
I have been eating poets.

The alpha zombie doesn’t even have a clue.
His look is blank
and he walks with a shat-pants shuffle.

The poet’s gone.
the sky tear blue.
Two dogs interfere with my beginning of a haiku.

The eyeballs roll
from my hands like berries.
The alpha zombie starts to growl at my wasting of food.

He’s totally clueless.
When I pull the pen from my skull to write,
he freaks.

I’m human again.
I tear at trees for bark.
I scrawl on them while I roam the park.

I Want In © 2013 James Conant

I Want In © 2013 James Conant

James Conant is a Cambridge artist who has recently added photography to his skills, which include clay sculpture, pen and ink, montages, and pencil art. He is always available for work and collaboration.

Chad Parenteau is a contributing editor to Oddball Magazine. His poetry collection Patron Emeritus is available through FootHills Publishing.