Immigration has been a hot button topic for quite some time. Now one of the common arguments you will hear against undocumented immigrants is that they are taking all the jobs.

In the age of paranoia and fear mongering, this argument time and time again seems to do an efficient job of scaring those who don’t sit back and think about what they’re being told. The more I hear the argument “undocumented immigrants are taking all of our jobs” the more ridiculous it sounds.

First of all, most undocumented persons go for the jobs no one else wants. Unless you had plans of being a construction worker, a janitor, a fast food worker, or any other job we as Americans deem undesirable, you really shouldn’t be worried.

It’s not like they’re gunning for your upper level job that yields a six figure income, they just happen to be willing to do the work that no one else bothers with because they’re just happy to work in the first place.

It’s kind of like a box of donuts in an office where no one seems to ever touch the jelly filled ones. One day you hire a group of people or two that just happen to like the jelly filled donuts. Soon they start taking all of the jelly filled donuts, so you sit there and say, “They stealing all our donuts!” But, y’all didn’t want the jelly filled donuts in the first place so why are you complaining?

Most of you don’t wake up and say, “I wanna be a fast food worker or a janitor”, or any of the jobs we deem undesirable unless you absolutely need the money. Most people shoot for their dream jobs first if they can.

Before you complain of people “stealing your jobs” just ask yourself, was I really interested in that job in the first place?

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