In honor of the Best Team in the frigging World, and the best coach ever to grace a city, a person who made us all believe that with the will to win we can achieve anything. Red Auerbach may you forever be remembered.

Celtics in Six….bringing 18 to the rafters. And even if we don’t we are still the best. Beat LA.

Celtic Green

The screaming has subsided
the crowd has gone on
the smoke in the air has cleared
from a cigar burning victory

And now its time that we all leave
And remember Red of the Celtic Green

More then a coach
more then a smoked out cigar
more then the stars
that shine in the dark
Red left his mark

and hangs them proudly in the rafters
the 16 championships
and the numbers soon after

The Chapter Will never close!

Though you are gone,
the parquet still exists
though refinished
the cracks that made the
floor creak on
a fast break streak
Celtic Green

The house that Red built
still stands in the
proud hands of true
Celtic fans

And we’ll never forget what you meant
bringing Boston a winning team
The Celtic Green

and eyes walking into the Garden
for the first time
will see the brilliance of a team

16 victories
and wins, all cause of you
and there will be
in memory

of Red that made the Celtic Green