Walt, Can you save a sinner…with a swear jar?



Look we all see the world in two degrees,

One that sees the world as what it is,

And what we think it should be

And then another part that seems more like

What I see, a world of prayer and profanity

My dad tells me and Lisa agrees, that my poetry

Is beautiful, but when I swear, it brings it down a notch

Then I think, well shouldn’t all poetry be appreciated,

And then I think about hip-hop

I guess I went off my rocker, at the show the other night

My friend Rob came up and told me,  during the set

That damn man, you got to think of what you said.

I don’t see it as a bad thing or a good thing,

And im not preaching religion, or anything at all…just writing another poem

From oddball to all y’all

But if I offend you what should I do, why am I wasting

Time on this, defending what I do…I know enough

That I can write without it, but if what I write, when Im down

Depressed,  or up and lifted, that I can’t change the words

As they are written.

Damn, then wheres the freedom?