Soon it will be Saint Patrick’s Day, a time to honor the great St. Patrick, drink green beer, drink good beer, laugh, and punch your friends. We were hoping to have our own parade of drunken poetry. We want your thoughts about St Patty’s day, and drinking in general.

Beer is good. Drinking and writing is good. So is writing while sober. Forgo the beer altogether if you like and talk about your Irish heritage, your favorite Irish authors, or who you would like to see march in your local Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

What we are saying here,is give us your most Bukowskiesque poems, or your most sober and somber poems, this is a free-for-all of free poetry parading down our virtual neighborhood.

This parade is happening and the Oddball Editors are the float masters. We are going to put up as many poems as we can in that 24 hour time span. Our hope would be 24, but maybe we can do more.  

So between now and March 12th  we are calling out all bards to grab a pint (of Guinness or IBC Root Beer), grab a pen, and punch us in the face with poetry. If its good enough, you will see it in Oddball Magazine. Slancha!

Jason Wright
Oddball Editor


Photography © Allison Goldin

Photography © Allison Goldin