I am not a fan of extreme temperatures and changes in weather. February 2015 has exhausted me, frozen my soul. What happened to days when snow and extreme cold were mutually exclusive weather events?

In February 2015, there are no more sidewalks, just long narrow endless corridors. Traveling by any means (air, rail or automobile) has become a goal in itself.

It takes time and talent to layer coats, sweaters, shirts, socks, skirts and pants. In winter, polyester is the fabric of choice because cotton and silk just cannot seem to warm my body.

I am overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. I am humbled realizing that winter cannot displace my want, my desire for ice cream!!!

I love ice cream. Lactose intolerance is damned! I want ice cream…the real stuff. Nothing naturally sweetened. I want the real deal. A huge bowl of ice cream.

I am cold, and tired but the heart wants what the stomach wants. My adult self wants to sit back, read a newspaper, listen to jazz or public radio, and drink hot tea (or coffee) from adult size mugs or delicate china cups with matching saucers.

Coffee ice cream is not an option, and tea ice cream is just a dream. On these coldest days of winter, my kid self can only find warmth in ice cream.


Janet Cormier is a painter, writes prose and poetry, and performs comedy. Her “Commentary on Canvas” painting is in her current exhibit at the Somerville Community Access Television Gallery for January and February.