A Very Very Trump Christmas

Santa and Elves stopped at the border.
Santa couldn’t present documentation
verifying citizenship!

Rudolf is hiding in fear of his life.
The restrictions on reindeer hunting
have been lifted!

And a warning had been issued
prohibiting parents to name their sons Jesus
’cause it just doesn’t sound American!


Holiday Shout Out

‘Tis the time of holiday madness.
The time people reveal
their personal best and worst.
That said, I offer survival strategies.

Remember to breathe.
Shout out hellos in multiple.
Do not, I repeat DO NOT restrict your Hello List
to people who only look like you!

Give of your time.
Be kind.
Be the best human you can be and then some.
Reach out/Reach in!

The greatest gifts cost so little:
Smiles, conversations, prayers
to and for the people you know
as well as strangers.

Prayers with restriction clauses
are just unacceptable
and will be returned to the sender
in multiple packages!


Janet Cormier is a painter, writes prose and poetry, and performs comedy. JC prefers different and original over pretty. She loves collecting stuff, but cleaning not so much. Janet also talks to strangers. A lot. Her column now appears weekly on Oddball Magazine.