Back in the day, TV shows and movies showed us and guilted us with perfect holiday family story lines. Family gatherings were sweet events and everybody loved each other; ‘bad feelings’ or feuds were put on hold.

But that perfection was hard to recreate and maintain in a real world setting. Thank goodness TV changed its focus and reset the standard. Contemporary shows/movies began to embrace the quirky and dysfunctional qualities of family life. Finally our collective guilt levels were normalized.

We found our voice and discovered we had choices! We could eat, or exercise the bad feelings away, away, away. And in this new world, we found the definitions for traditional holiday decorating were expanded to include a.) extreme clean house makeovers or b.) live in peace with the dust bunnies.

We also realized we had options as to when we could celebrate the holidays:

1. According to the calendar.

2. Year round. Or…

3. Recognize hibernation as a legitimate mode of celebration.
Whatever you choose, I wish you the best.
As-salaam aleykum (Peace)


Janet Cormier is a painter, writes prose and poetry, and performs comedy. JC prefers different and original over pretty. She loves collecting stuff, but cleaning not so much. Janet also talks to strangers… a lot. Her column now appears weekly on Oddball Magazine.