I didn’t want to write about Donald Trump. I didn’t want to get caught up in/contribute to all that Trump insanity. But curiosity about his background won out over sensibility. To make peace with my conscience I decided to limit my research to Wikipedia. What I discovered was that Donald Trump’s story was underscored with fabulous ironies.

Trump’s great grandfather was a German immigrant, Fredrich Drumpf who “Americanized’ his name to Frederick Trump. And his paternal grandmother was a Scottish immigrant.

Worse than being expelled from school
According to Wikipedia, Frederick Trump was expelled from Germany and moved back to the US.
“…German authorities determined that Trump Sr., now a U.S. citizen, had emigrated from Germany to avoid his tax and army obligations. Trump Sr. and his pregnant wife were expelled from Germany.”

Note: Donald Trump used student and medical deferments to avoid military service. Word has it he claimed to have a spur in one of his leg/feet. Like grandfather, like grandson.

Donald Trump’s great-grandfather worked as a barber, which I think is funny, given Trump’s “hair style!!!”

Ego/God Complex
Donald’s great grandmother’s surname was…Christ (pronounced Krista)

Donald’s Family Net Worth/Network
Trump’s brothers worked in the family real estate business, while his sisters pursued other careers: one in banking and the other sister was federal appeals court judge. One brother-in-law specialized in white-collar crime, and another was involved in high profile racketeering case in 2000.

US Citizenship Record
In the 1970’s, Fred Trump Jr., Donald’s father was brought up on charges of discriminating against–you guessed it–against African Americans. The Village Voice reported one of the rental agents talked about Fred Trump, Jr’s instructions not to rent to black people.

So shout it from the rooftops. Dump that Trump!

As-salaam aleykum (Peace)


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