Bouncing Off the Rims…

Got to be
That cosmic
Part of a crazy cosmic connection
That slapped me upside my head
And I saw miracles
Beget miracles
Release miracles
Loose miracles

Filling voids
Creating voids
Injecting punctuation
With street beats
And visa versa.

I was leaping from heaven to hell on a roundtrip ticket
Seeking myself and finding
You and you and you
Bouncing from heaven to hell
To the space between the two…
Purgatory spinning out of control.

I rode that crazy cosmic connection
To and from the very place
Where you are now part of an universal universe
Bouncing off the rims of Jupiter.


Janet Cormier is a painter, writes prose and poetry, and performs comedy. JC prefers different and original over pretty. She loves collecting stuff, but cleaning not so much. Janet also talks to strangers…a lot. Her column now appears weekly on Oddball Magazine.