I’m too tired to write
Barely got any sleep last night
Stayed up watching the news
Still confused from this craziness
What about you?
how did you sleep
Hope you were able to
Not afraid to
Hey, I don’t blame you
If you thought twice
Double checked the lock
Checked twice angered
By life
That’s me almost all the time

My eyes are heavy
So is my heart
Got to hold steady
Keep my head up
When I walk
I’m not afraid of people
But gut to look out for evil
But also got to breathe too

Stuck on the train again

Just like everyday
But today is different
I’m stuck at broadway
Listening to the radio
Songs that make your heart beat
To the sound of a drum
But why are we stopped
Listen to the sound of the doors close
And damn groove to some true prose
But I’m approaching downtown crossing
In Boston
2 streets where the bombs went off
There’s a million people on this train
It’s cool everyone is calm
But what if?
there could be a bomb
but that’s just crazy talk
Gotta stay calm
What’s that psalm
They used in pulp fiction
tupac said it in one of his albums
My dad has been practicing his preaching to me so long
Damn I damn near forgot em

Though I walk through the shadow of death
I will fear no man, something something
Throw religion in the trashcan
I Want to believe the good in mankind

And I do believe but that’s my own belief
No one has to tell me how things are supposed to be
Anyway tangents got me politicking
I just want to get off this train
So I can stop thinking,

We’ve been at downtown crossing for at least ten minutes
Everyone standing
Lucky to be sitting

Sorry about popping off about religion
Songs switch record skips
Breathe back into the music

Been on the train for 45 minutes
This is crazy
Something must be happening
That’s just paranoia talking

Look thank God, now were moving
A million people
Now we’re stuck at Park
What is going on?

This train seemed to move perfectly fine and now I’m waiting….

Paranoid poetry
Got to keep it moving.

They say its a switch problem down the road
I don’t know
I just don’t know

Lisa I’ll be home soon