Be peaceful, quiet and calm

Running over and over this qualm

Guilt, tears and shame

I am to blame

Not for all, but maybe for some

Absolution some day will come

Accept it for what it is

I say NEVER, I know what ’tis

To have a dream so close

Something you want the most

Out of reach, just beyond

Your grasp, thought you were strong

Silent cracking, can you hear

A heart realizing it’s greatest fear

A million pieces scattered on the wind

Somewhere I must’ve sinned

So great to warrant this

Punishment is what it is

A thousand sorrys escape my lips

Gasping sobs, my toungue trips

On the words I need to say

I will say them every day

To appease and bring it close

This dream I wish for the most.

Lisa Finck Cordeau © 2011