DasEFXDeadSeriousalbumcoverOn April 7th, 1992, Das EFX dropped their debut album, Dead Serious. The album peaked at #16 on the Billboard 200 charts, and #1 on the R&B/Hip charts, were it remained for five consecutive weeks. By 1993, Dead Serious would amass platinum sales, a testament to the group’s popularity at the time as well as the album’s infectious nature. The group’s rapid fire delivery would serve as their staple in the early 90’s, as even slower paced rhymers such as Ice Cube (on “Check Yo Self”) would call for their services to liven up tracks. Even Jay Z’s very early rhyme style can at least to some degree be attributed to Das EFX’ influence.

Simply put, emcees just don’t rap like these guys did anymore. Can we please bring some fun back into lyricism? In any event, today, we at JP Lime Productions salute Das EFX on their memorable debut.

Bum stiggedy bum stiggedy bum!


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