The latest in new music of a Lime-related nature comes to us from Tyler Durden, a Hip Hop duo of uncommon proportions.  Comprised of our own Prof and bass guitar player turned beat producer, D+,Tyler Durden has a sound to bring Hip Hop and Rock fans together to ask, “umm… What am I listening to?”
Tyler Durden ft Lil Stevie

Tyler Durden ft. Lil Stevie
Photo c/o 1981andco

In some places and certain spaces their music also features the guitar stylings of Lil’ Stevie, such as on today’s track, “Circular Logic”.  Watch video of the song from the group’s recent show at The Center for Arts in Natick (TCAN), and then read through Prof’s lyrics.  Follow the group on Twitter and Facebook and stay tuned for the latest song and show news, brought to you by Hip Hop’s new Rock-fueled dirigible, Tyler Durden, and your home for all things Lime, #JPLMagazine.
Give me just a minute
Of your angst and attention
Apoplectic apocalyptic visions
Of a world around us burning
A disturbance in the rhythm
And tell me in a minute
What the fuck is it I’m missing
I’m a puppet on a string
Sitting in the kitchen
Picking at my brain
And tearing out the stitching
Set to take the stage in this play that I’m living
And show you all the depths of my cranial incision
I’m a maniac maybe
But a maven with a vision
Inter-generation messaging
If I can make ‘em listen
Sitting here and spitting this
It hits me like a sick-a-ness
I pick apart these sentences
A picnic of ridiculous
Impatient and I’m ill
Sick of waiting with a wishing list
Trying to tune ‘em in
And wondering what the station is
From interface to in their face
We innovate the current state
Of hip hop, rock, don’t stop, we just keep it rolling on
So how many days until my death?
How much of this shit have I got left?
What’s coming now?
What’s coming next?
Cause I’m a categorical, colorful mess
Awaiting the morning with a heaving chest
Finding comfort in hum of Night’s unrest
I’m under the gun
Hidden under my vest
Under-distinguished but
Packed for success
Attached to the past
Through a glass and a mesh
But the rye and the mash
Couldn’t mask the effects
As a matter of fact I’m past all this stress
Taking to the streets
Strapped and undressed
Running through these hills
Like I’m off my meds
Yelling at the skies to accept my request
But they keep pouring on me
And every forward I step
There’s a hole in the road
And a storm up ahead
So what the fuck-
So get on get on up now
Get up out your seat
There’s a mayhem and a madness
Rolling down the street
A river filled with sadness
Flowing to a sea
Filled with metaphors and adverbs
A monster in the deep
A boat set adrift
Floating far from its fleet
Charting a course for a foreign beach
Where the men will storm the shore
History will repeat
And the story will be printed
Pinned to doors and to cheeks
The scores will retreat
The storm will recede
And a monument built
Where the first did bleed
A church will be built
On a book that will read
Like a lyrical prism
We all see what we want to see
Tools and divisions
Fools and Pharisees
Moves and the missions
The Scourge and the Siege
Revelations not lost on me
Just a puppet on a string, sitting here, sitting here…
Spinning out wheels we are trapped in a loop,
Trapped in a loop, yes, trapped in a loop.
Spinning our wheels, trapped in a loop…


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