Two weeks ago we received a mysterious postcard at JPLHQ, a photo marked only “Greetings from Rio”. We found it hard to believe that it could be true but it seemed our friend and silent mascot, Limehead, long thought lost to parts unknown had resurfaced at the Rio Olympics!

Limehead in Rio, Hello from Rio

We kept a photo journal of his adventures over the following two weeks. And we got him a brand new outfit, one appropriate for a #TeamUSA supporter of his caliber.

Limehead in Rio, at Aquatics Center

We’re unsure how but he was able to get himself some great viewing for events like the Women’s Soccer quarterfinals, USAvsSWE.

Limehead in Rio, USAvsSWE

Or this front row seat for Gymnastics in the Olympic Arena. Though excited for Men’s Gymnastics, Limehead had hoped for a photo-op with Simone Biles. His expression says it all.

Limehead in Rio, Arena Olimpica

There were many suspicious eyes pointed Limehead’s way when the water in the Aquatic Center mysteriously turned green on Day 4. He has claimed full innocence but we’re not so sure we believe him.

Limehead in Rio, green water

On Day 5 he was told he would need to find a more appropriate location for his giant fruit-shaped head and photo-journaling. Fortunately, such a position was clearly marked.

Limehead in Rio, photo position

Limehead was in the right place when South Africa’s Wayde van Niekerk set the new world record in the 400m. The fastest man on Earth then came over for a personal congratulations (for van Niekerk, not Limehead).

Limehead in Rio, behind Bolt

Limehead couldn’t leave Rio without venturing to a couple local iconic sights, such as the Cristo Redentor (or Christ the Redeemer) statue than overlooks the city. It was constructed between 1922-1931 and stands 124 feet tall counting its pedestal.

Limehead in Rio, at Cristo Redentor

Small steps of change become long roads of beauty and possibility. Escardaria Selaron

Limehead in Rio, escadaria Selaron

Sources close to Limehead report that he had excellent time at the 2016 Rio Olympics and sends his warmest congratulations to all the noble competitors who keep the Olympic spirit strong. He hasn’t told us where he’s headed next but we look forward to seeing more from our citrus-brained mascot’s world adventures when Limehead returns. ‘Til then, Lime Nation, #GofortheGold and Lime On.

Limehead in Rio, So long from Rio


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