In this week’s sampling of JP Lime Productions, Scholar produces a blast from his past.


This piece was written back in the mid-90s. I was a teenager in prep school at the time, working hard towards my college aspirations. When you grow up in the projects and end up at a top-notch independent school, your perspective on life truly expands as you’re learning book smarts at an advance rate and meeting people from different walks of life. But you never forget where you came from and this poem is emblematic of that notion. It was inspired by a family member whose thoughts and vision I truly admired and learned from despite the fact that he never even finished high school. Book smarts are necessary and I wouldn’t trade my schooling for anything, but sometimes street smarts are equally powerful, if not more. Here’s ‘Ghetto Philosopher’ —


Ghetto Philosopher
Let me inside your mind
Open up the hands of time
So both you and I can shine
And try to heal our dying kind

Ghetto Philosopher
Let me look inside your brain
Let me feel torture and pain
How it feels to be calm and sane
Ultimately, one and the same

Ghetto Philosopher
Open up your heart
Show me light and show me dark
Change the ending to the start
Just as God through Noah’s Arc

Ghetto Philosopher
Your words are heavenly
A dose of spirit for my starving mentality
My elixir when I’m ill emotionally
Your words allow God to breathe through me

Ghetto Philosopher
Your gift, like you, incredible
Your knowledge, truly credible
And although Fate makes your life terrible
The force of your impact is impeccable

Thank you Ghetto Philosopher