This week JP Lime brings you Colgan Johnson, aka JP LIme’s Spaceman.


Space solo @ I want to touch that spot that no one knows about. You know the spot reserved in the room in your mind. It’s been held before and treated well, even upgraded. Sometimes the person had to leave early and that wasn’t perfect, but things seldom are within four walls. It’s been cluttered for so long it looks like an editor’s closet teeming to the sills with saved words. Dares, jokes, innuendos, proverbs, comments, promises, and side remarks sprinkled with love notes have popped up in the car, room, and other random private spots or stranger’s conversation. What can I say? They’re there now and they’ll be boomerangs forever causing heart pangs. The heart is a muscle, you gotta work it out though. You’re tough. There’s room there too and all that other stuff was just good exercise.
I cleaned my room out this past spring. It’s really one big day of recycling. Psych. But you’ll get there. Hearts and cards and hugs and stickers – damn the stickers if you used ’em – it’s either scrape or stare. You shouldn’t be a sticker hater in life though. We all wanna stick somewhere. It’s bananas when an adhesive and a caricature can derail your whole brain functioning. Another high and low to being human I guess, suckers to the senses. Scented stickers and objects are a radically different beast. If you have any of those you are actually playing with emotional fire. Best of luck and careful when handling. You also shouldn’t operate machinery or attend to any matters that require attention to fine details.
This now sounds like the antithesis of the start but it’s not. A sound mind is the start to anything. Maybe others are different but the spark in nearly anything originates in the mind to me. As one who habitually dwells in his own cerebellum, I’m definitely looking for the planetary compliments to my pictures and thoughts. I’m definitely to blame for floating sometimes, I drift, Spaceman and all…. Go figure. Keep me grounded, support me in being well rounded and let me fly, but guard my fall and I promise to do the same for you headed to the stars. That journey for two definitely starts with the individual though. You have to make sure your jet pack can go by itself first. Otherwise the mission is a jump from bust. Clearly we need some sound individual fundamentals and failsafes before we venture off into space. So, check your procedures and equipment routinely to avoid any unnecessary problems. I’m still going through all of my protocols so I’m definitely no expert. The great thing I heard is that a good partner watches out for all of your blind spots, so even if you’re a little messy one day you should come out okay.