JP Lime's own Spaceman presents 'Brain Fragments' in this week's #JPLMagazineThis week Spaceman opens up his notebook for a poetic offering he likes to call ‘Brain Fragments’. Find more of Space’s past writings by CLICKING HERE.


**Orange Yogi**

Sparking conversation laden with gems
And a hazy disposition until I go in
Owning every repercussion from the cussing and bangs
I’m the essence of the spirit never knowing restraint
In the paint Olajuwon or Picasso and Klimt
Maybe Pollock how it drops so and genius extends
Existing in a space where I’m paid to pretend


**Ai Wei**

Time is a matter of seconds my weapon sharpening
gimme a minute I need it to grab a pen quick
people thinking they smarter with all this Bullshit
Been Here to tell em they’re Wilding music my pulpit
Realize I’m a man still and some things the culprit, learning to say no still yes that the hardest
Even when my heart still to tries to hear offers
Will the public love it Ai Weiwei for the profits With my will and my skills then I share abundance
We keep going till we get it there..and forever committed to what I’m spitting here,
So direct the effect the result of making it plus living breathing and bleeding the facts and bolts of it most of it,
You think is jargon but pardon this is my livelihood vital to me as walking
I’m talking about my passions
These letters imbued with actions, music fitness and loving this money it’s bound to happen
Part of my DNA doing it makes me happy.


Center of the world love bring it in gimme some winners in the next life penmanship champion Bootsy Collins blasting loud rolling up some bubblegum
Thinking bout that bomb stuff limitless fuck a drug genie with my third eye connected like a plug flowing in my veins the spirit of mighty sons hope my loving and my sinning forever cancel the none
And I’m listening to Future and Pac add in some Pun, with my hunger for that knowledge you know it leading to Nas
Remember college it was Outkast while smoking weed in a bong had some cheez its in a cup that I know were stolen for sure and the reading that I’m on is suited for waging war playing Ray Charles Robinson followed by Quincy Jones, it’s the smooth soul hallowed respect that’s in their tones and the same reason Sunday’s I’m hearing Mrs. Simone, my antennae on alert while unearthing a poem, no pity just serendipity in terms of the globe
Love it and keep protecting or just leave it alone



A teacher told me once be master of your dominion
Since that moment on I’ve been crafting what I’ve been given
At times, in my emotions, when lucid seeing the vision,
Dreaming of Jackie Robinson, Jesse at the Olympics
Muhammad out in Manila or marathoners for distance –
If this pen is what I’m using please bless it with proper inking
Poetry my nirvana I balance it with the business
This warring’s part of my aura but money part of my image
And knowing it I’m aware but it doesn’t mean that they listen
I’m sitting here and I’m writing an outer body experience