82 games have come and gone as have 3 rounds of Playoffs.
Only the best two teams remain, the others have some days off.
But for the Conference Champs all the hard work does have its payoffs.
If you think the stakes get higher than The Finals, then you’re way off…
Legacies are birthed and fortified, occasions risen to.
Often Russel, often Jordan, also ‘Cooz and Pippen too.
Dynasties or one chip wonders, the excitement is the same.
‘Cause to hoist Larry O’Brien’s trophy’s why they play the game.
Ask the Celtics and the Lakers who have felt such joy the most.
Ask the Bucks, Sixers, and Mavs of when they had their champion’s toast.
When the Pistons won ’em back-to-back and Jordan’s Bulls three-peated.
When the Rockets won a couple, and the Spurs couldn’t be defeated.
Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway fell just short, Shaq and Kobe dominated.
Shaq and Wade got it done, Lebron and Wade were truly hated.
But they also got the job done, as did Chamberlain and West.
Anything is possible! As KG roared pounding his chest.
‘Cause The Truth will set you free, and His Airness glides and soars.
Beaten by a clutch Ray Allen three, but coming back for more.
Fo’ Fo’ Fo’ predicted Moses and he damn near made it happen.
Bird and Magic battled back and forth, assassin vs. assassin.
It’s The Finals, many moments making memories galore.
One team meets bitter defeat, but for the Champs legends are born.