Hello loyal internals, Happy Memorial Day, this post is a special post from His House, This is the first guest poet for Oddball Magazine Online. His House is a special poet, full of beautiful ideas, and wonderful words. I am allowing him to post this, and we are working on more for this week. The next week, I will be featuring an Oddball Alumni, Rant. Should be interesting, so lets honor our soldiers and those who fight for our freedom with His House’s -Stitch of Red.-

A Stitch of Red

This thought came to me
Like a rose to my head
Unlike the daily thorn
That leaves from my bed

The pain of war lingers
Without words in dark places
It remains unspoken
Because of those tears that
Make us feel unraveled

When actually our thoughts
Are in memory for those
The ground has claimed
And words can’t describe
The pain of being misunderstood

So with pen a tear is formed
To write tears will form
To read tears will form
Even to think tears will form
So please listen when the living speak
But listen and speak with your heart
For I am a stitch of red

Hidden among the honor of many
No stitch is brighter
Yet still remains among the white
The blue and all those stars

The red stands proud
But does not represent any branch
Nor race, nationality or gender
Nor any one battle, event or time

But each stitch of red
Speaks of the sacrifice of an individual
The dead, the wounded and the living dead
For each stitch of red reflects
The memories and the true cost of war

Our flag looks best unfurled
Flying proudly in the wind
But the red really moves the flag proudly
For you see a stitch of red
Is replaced day after day, year after year
And generation after generation
With new red stitches and
A stitch of red
Knows that
Some will never forget, move on or get help
Because memories hide their true meaning
For years or even a life time
You see, our memories do not compare
To those that gave it all for America
Our memories seem to carry the burden
Of remembrance of the dead for the living
In the form of our silence and troubled heart