10 Angels (A New Journal)


I hope you find healing in these words my friend.

For Joe


We suffer for something.

Makes us strong.
A stitch in the fabric of life.
We strive for something,
Makes us strong.
Makes us honest.

I believe in Angels.

I really do.

I believe in them.

And healing hands
are on you, man.

And all our prayers
are answered,

because angels
answer prayers.

They hold the hands of doctors.
Anesthesiologists. Nurses.

And 10 angels hold the hands of
cancer surgeons.
And they heal.
That’s what they are here to do,


And poetry can heal you,
each positive stanza develops your strength like Polaroid cameras.

I can see inside you.
I really can’t see inside you,
But let my words in for a second.
Let me paint you a picture
of what I see.

Inside you,

I see
A calming beam of healing light,
a bright feeling
a warm feeling

so bright to look
a light that could cause your eyes to blind.

It is encompassed by a blue sky and high curling waves.
When you blink
pure sunshine escapes
And when you laugh
pure wind.
And when you breathe
the sea changes.

In and out,

each breath growing stronger
causing clouds to form,

so many clouds form.

But you are surrounded by waves of
light and wind and the breeze calms
Causing you to smile
And each small scar is healing
and you are
Your poems out loud.

And we are applauding every word!

And I see seagulls on an early Cape Cod Ocean Morning
And I see you running through them.
As they scatter
You feel free.
Free from everything.
Free from Cancer.

I see you at a typewriter
And I see you

And I see you walking, kicking stones.
and I see you writing in,
a New Journal.
And you sit down
And the sun shines.
And you pull your hat down over
Your eyes.
And I see the words on the page

And they read:
Today I walked on the beach
And I have never felt so alive.
I am cancer free.

There must be Angels
Watching Over me
I beat Cancer
I beat Cancer!

There must be angels
watching over me.
I beat Cancer.

And the winds picks up, a warm breeze

And you smile, as you turn the page.

Cancer free.



Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His “Jagged Thoughts” column appears weekly.

Oddball Magazine will be publishing ongoing tributes to José Gouveia to in the hopes of raising awareness of the Joe Gouveia Recovery Fund, an effort to help offset the costs of the poet’s upcoming cancer surgery.