Science vs. Faith, the age old question. At war with each other. Science helps me to put my words onto the web. Faith helps me write them.

Science explains fire
and faith lights them.

Faith is a the strength you have in your heart. To never stop.
And Science will save your life, with the help of medication

Faith is the strength to take that medication, when the doctor tells you you will be like this your whole life.

And science, explains to me why, my whole life.

But soul and faith, are the words that come from the page. And science is the pen that helps me demonstrate the way.

Faith. A belief that by all means, you will succeed. Science. explains why I fight, or I fly, when someone steps at me. Science is what is dropped when I listen to MC’s, and my soul is science, its no natural to me.

Faith. It is the torch inside. And faith is my heart, my soul and my mind. Science, is the world as I see it. And faith makes my brain and my heart feel it.

And you might think this is a bible lesson, nah man, Sense and Science is the way that I see things. And religion is a whole different pigeon, that flys south, for the winter, and I’m just saying this, because I am a believer

in God and Einstein, Keats, and Schrodinger, Bukowski and Freud. Whitman and Kafka, Steinbeck and Jung, Locke and Sense one. I believe in it all man, science and faith. Cause Science taught me and Faith gave it to me. To write for ever.

One to learn and two to grow on. Three to change the world.