You Should Always Smile

Well Frank Sinatra talked to me
He said ”Go your own way.”
This is my life its not yours
And I have something to say
There is an empty glass next to me
It once had something in it.
I don’t know why you are next to me,
Is the loser finally winning?
And people walk away
People walk away
They get sick of all of your shit
and what you are trying to say.
But I thought I knew everything
Thought I was the king of the valley
At least the king of the streets
or Sick Ass Beats and me
but I never kept a tally
I been to Cali
It was great,
I went on a plane.
Took our time and we made it a great
I love you but you‘re driving me insane
I love you but you‘re driving me insane
I love you but you‘re driving me insane

Well I walked down the street
Trying to get some food to eat
You walked up to me
Said I’d never be free
You walked away from me
In your heart I knew you were a liar
But you told me the truth
But I couldn’t believe.
You were real to me.

Well I don’t know why
You talked to me.
“Day to day” you said,
We go our own way.
Some must lead and some follow.
Some are snakes and some are bees.
Some water is deep
Some water is shallow.

The lakes and the streams
Are not all what they seem
They can hide yourself to be.
And the ocean and the valleys
The volcanoes rough terrain,
You never know when its gonna rain.
If you can see the sun or its hiding
You never know when its gonna rain.
So when the sun shines you smile

You should always smile.
You should always smile.


Man The Storm is the alter ego of Jason Wright, editor and founder of Oddball Magazine.