It’s Sur, bitch.. you’re nervous.. the rap game is a fur clit..
I’m spitting on it’s surface and fucking up the cervix​
I’m curious why you yuppies are getting touchy?
Your album is getting Dusty like the guy who coached the Cubbies​
You’re soft, homie
​I don’t​ fuck around with you little lames
​I’m a boss, homie
While you’re between Jobs like Steve’s middle name​
​Leave (please) you (donate) rappers all in some rubble​
(Gofundme) ​I (Gofundme) will (Gofundme) try to be subtle
​y’all don’t get it​
I stay the same​ ​ the​ more I’m getting older​​
You morphing into more of a poser than vikram yoga​
​Let’s talk about my mixtape: the intro was just a window
to let all you fucking kids know I’m peaking, at my crescendo
“Drop Outs Always Fail” was a symbol to all my kinfolk
to never be stuck in limbo, just go and invent a gizmo
“Honor Your Father” means you excel despite a parent
Cause he’s taught me everything not to do in child rearing
“You’re from the Hood,” right? Nah, dog I’m trying to enlighten
That every once in a while, brown dudes grow up with some white kids
​I’m repping smart gang, this track was discreet and clever
Google my private school and you’ll put the pieces together
​”You Don’t Belong Here,” man, the title is pretty clear
It stifled and was plaguing Sur5ILL for twenty years
​Stop generalizing broads or minimizing their cause​
​​This feminist guy’s at odds with a premise that might be flawed
“FOE” was a jab at family members I’m warring with
Who are more interested in being hoes and forming cliques
Listen to “Go To Church” and take it from an atheist
I spend my Sundays giving my ovations to the Patriots
​​Next on the “Interlude,” I’m getting married getting glued
Fuck tradition, do what you want and what you consider cool
“Die Young” is a reminder that they strike you down
​Look at Tamir Rice, LaQuan McDonald, and Michael Brown

Sur5ILL’s latest mixtape is Exception, recently reviewed by JP Lime Productions. For more of Sur5ILL’s music by clicking here. The above lyrics were recited as part of The Oddball Show on January 31, 2016.