hearts gestates
arrears smears
blotches splotches
latent frags in
last straws batch
hears hidden hay
no Full
Bright grant
book un
ease re
leases mosaic loom
transit cuisines lodging
minds viciousinnercircle
eye I sip my
beer draw them near
er(r) the wideopenyard off
guard Plato barks
Aristotle dashes a
way seeds left in
birdfeeder standstillmoves
hill slants in
stone lumps ground
ovalsface cant hide smile
ribs scroll rolls back
forward many loves
one lover
appropriates stammer adapts
arrogance amples allude
the pet
pissed rancid rug
arms length begging hug
rooms eary acoustics
cross criss tracks conflate
wry womb words flame onthefly
open palms dare lips twist air
press cellos strings down
elegy knocks (how
can I not
let it
in) one
yet making love to
longlover evers pre
sent gone
girl the
dained ex
ist beck
on breaks a
new fazizfraziz
druseslips timeslapses
phases tongue back to
bloom BachsCelloSuites Casals
Catalanboy Barcelonasmusicstore
foundlings out
landish findings
bow bowing solo self
no spiked body no book under armpits
no kneegrip no rigid resonate
youth socking pockets money
hot bloods home
strings low soft high harsh vibratos
tempers dis
appearing tempos
slow sur
prise un
der pin
ning ex
pects rhythm in
tuit damning probe
innerbes miss
takes affairs marriage failures
convict by
passing penance breaths glimpse of
sheer spirits humanity the
Naxos engineer the
Grammy winner no
perfect Fournier his
lyric abstracts no
Starker taperedshirtsleeves no
Isserlis emulates no
YoYoMa just gruff
huffpuffgrandeur (how
often does one get to say
magic miracle majestic master
full) musicmade just for
suchsound oh yes Sue
it holds us for
the rest of
anews sways


Ron Goba is the author of such collections as The Music Box, The Custom of Quoting Someone, and Collage As Silkscreen. For several years, he was known as the doorman for the weekly Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab. Since 2011, he has released Swan Song, Innocence and Sam Adams (co-authored by Prabakar T. Rajan) and other smaller poetry collections written specifically for his poetry features. The footage above was recorded on April 15 at The Armory in Somverville. He will be reading at the Cantab later this month and Stone Soup Poetry in June.

Cellist Glynis Lomon went to Bennington College to continue her classical cello studies in 1973 where she met and began performing with musician/composer Bill Dixon. The music of Dixon’s ensemble combined the exploration of the frontier of sound that she loved with rich rhythms, emotional expression, and the art and science of improvisation. Glynis has been privileged to play with Bill Dixon, Arthur Brooks, Jimmy Lyons, Cecil Taylor, Butch Morris, Syd Smart, William Parker, Greta Buck, Dennis Warren, Lowell Davidson, and many others.