About the film from Lyon Brave the artist:

To put it simply “Myself First” is about self empowerment and self improvement and trusting your own inner voice about the voices in society, the media, school, teachers, even religious voices who pretend to speak for god!

“Myself First” is absolutely about trusting yourself and preserving in society and trying to do your best.

Between video editing, airbrushing, hair and makeup, women don’t really look like that. I was very vulnerable in my video because I showed my audience how I look without hair and makeup and the transformative power of hair and makeup in the same video.

I put on a wolf mask as a visual representative of body dysmorphia, which is something many women struggle with.

Many see themselves as ugly duckling when they are in fact swans and this can cause eating disorders.

It can even cause some women to give up on beauty and get confused about their gender and think they are transsexuals’ when in fact they are just struggling with societies beauty standards and the crushing pressure of being a woman in the face of vogue models, Instagram and or social media world that flushes us with gorgeous air brushed women who are all dolled up in flash, hair and makeup and filters.