Greetings and salutations.
Now, there’s some accusations I’ve been facing
Since, initiations of hourly debate,
Over, originations for hate.
The disapproval of a straight man,
Because he rebukes, the abuse,
Of a gay man.
I know, lesbians are not
Just a show from thespians.
These are samples of many examples.
Hypocrisy of democracy.

Until recent years, some of our peers
Who turned out to be queers,
Had something to fear as much as King Lear.
After too many years and too many tears,
There’s a little more room on the road to steer.
But just to be clear, equality’s finish line is far from near.
Russia, Uganda, could still happen here.
Yes. They can join wars to settle scores.
Yes. They have the opportunity,
To openly serve the national community.
But if they dare show purity, in significant unity,
It’s marital immunity.

Pop quiz in the history of bigotry.
There once was a boy whos name was Matt Shepard.
Before, the hate killed him,
He was black and blue as a leopard.
Not to mention, in nineteen ninety-two,
Colorado’s Amendment Two, gave people with no clue,
Justification for discriminational confusion
From conclusions they drew.
Meanwhile, Oregon’s Measure Nine, tried blurring lines,
Preaching, leeching to a lie that,
Somehow being gay is a crime.

Heterosexual, homosexual.
Transsexual, bisexual.
It’s all eventual.
Especially when sensually consentual.
Right now there’s a whole vulture culture
Spreading hate just to get through some pearly gates.
Meanwhile, when it’s down to the core,
Right there on the floor, there’s a silent roar,
From a manwhore, who’s really begging for a gore
In the back door.
Pastor Ted Haggard said he was, “Impacted” by homosexuality,
But it’s still not right.
Oh he was impacted alright,
By a dominating fornicating device
Of his delight.
Just like the kind of priest who likes to feast on
Any kid he wishes like Jesus to nail,
But never sees jail.
See, he’s allowed to fail,
Since his faith, isn’t stale.
All this macho jock behavior,
You wish for me to worship your savior?
I’m better off with Professor Xaviar.

All this ignorant hatred is really just stupid.
Last time I checked, your name wasn’t Cupid.
Some guys wanna be girls,
Some girls wanna be guys.
Just living their lives.
Not just looking for a rise
But for some reason you’re focused on their demise.
Some women prefer a strap-on over skin.
Then, next up for them is,
Fingerin’ or scissorin’.
Oh but wait! That’s fine for straight hate
Because, that’s hot?
Howcome every time you watch it,
Your dick gets a blood clot.

To date, I appreciate , stories like,
“Soldier’s Girl”, “To Wong Foo”, “She Hate Me”,
“Holiday Heart”, “Brokeback Mountain”,
“Bound”, and “Milk”.
That doesn’t necessarily mean
I’m in need of a He-Man or a She-Man
As my quilt.
So, go ahead fellas.
Call me a pussy.
We are what we eat.


With thanks to James Barchi for the YouTube video.

LUCCI (which stands for Listening, Understanding, Caring, Considering, Inquiring) is a poet, an actor and aspiring comedian who enjoys being creative while making positive change and entertaining in the process. He has featured in such places as Boston Talent Showcase, Wierdstock 2011, The 2nd Annual Haught Pink Breast Cancer Fashion Show, Writer’s Block, and also had a role in the independent film Supa Dupa.