Living Breathing Poem

I’m not a poet, I’m a living breathing poem, and my essence is poetry.
    I surpass forms and metrics, and genres, you cannot categorize me.
    I’m well timed, yet I remain timeless like Eternity and I’m delivered impeccably. I have not made
meaning but I continue to make meaning, I”m scene that is always unfolding. I’m profundity
Incarnate. I’m direct yet I remain ambiguous. I’m not to be analyzed but actualized.
I’m vision and application. I’m animation brought to life . My audacity provokes thought that leads
To action and revolution . I occupy the intellect and make may done in to your soul. My impression is
indelible. I don’t strike a chord I strum a melody in you. I evoke emotion that is hidden and now is
known. I stir and I buffet yet I claim. I’m not impressionable yet I grow more impressive. I’m not a
poet I’m a living breathing poem. That was inspired before the foundations were lead. While I was in
the womb I was brain stormed before birth. The editing of time was for my growing and pruning I’m
the first, the rough and the final draft.I’m not a poet I’m living breathing poem that is not spoke but
witnessed. I’m not to be taught but I teach, TO some in the present and to those waiting for
sustenance in the future I”m inspiration I’m will be imitated, I allow you to plagrize but do not dare
deface me, that is unforgivable blasphemy. I’m not a poet, I’m a living breathing poem that even
when uttered in the silence of your room I deaden the walls. I’m not a poet I’m a living breathing
poem when criticized I grow more resilient in my defiance. I’m a the living breathing pallar, masses
gather to find support in. I’m a living breathing tradition to be passed done from generation to
generation. There is no need to translate me for I know the universal language. I’m not a poet I’m a
living breathing poem I do not spark the flame of change but I’m the wick in which the flame burns to
enlighten. I cannot be forgotten nor remembered But I exist in memory eternal.


Emile Sarkis is a graduate student studying theology at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, Massachusetts.