Black Butterflies

Today I feel
an extra coat
of black coloring to my skin
let it set
henna designs
become permanent
African tribal markings.
So I clamor for your skin
with caterpillar fingers
and all legs
Beg your bones to fit
inside me,
dare you to shoot off
into my Amazon Rain Forest
with your waterfall of cream colorblindness.
You become permanently
into my walls
like ancient hieroglyphics.
I be the best cocoon you’ve ever
evolved into.
We transitioning
through metaphysics and metatarsals
Fervently shedding our skin collectively
We hated the thought of making love under blankets
Preferred instead to get lost
in the seas of sheets
My King
You pedal push
your electric
shock therapy
into my heat.
Taught my walls
of their trembling Jericho history
make it all
come down.
And we ascend
New wings
New love
Black butterflies.


DiDi Delgado – 1. Girl wonder. 2. Fat & Phat. 3. In the midst of a quarter life crisis. 4. Is also an anomaly – Conceited yet humble; I’m still searching for my niche in the world, life and in your heart. 5. Creator of DiDi-isms and DiDi-ness (according to my friends). 6. The 2015 winner of the Jack Powers Stone Soup Savor Poetry Prize. Follow her blog Love and Labels.