Legion within
Bats feed on fireflies
the owl preys on the rat
Two pit bulls tear each other apart
a dove is detached by a feral cat
Misery invites company
the truth often stands alone
Failure taught me how to win
prayer and love brought me home
A storm is brewing out on the ocean
forest fires make ashes of trees
My faith is absolute and often blind
smiling faces are known to deceive
The cocoon is the ultimate transition
hiding a magnificent monarch beneath
A spiders web makes a strange kitchen,
who works harder an ant or bee?
Life’s trials are never easy
trouble keeps me down on my knees
Hate grows as I spread love
keep me nearer my God to thee
For I have a hope beyond reality
I run the gauntlet with desperate faith
I can’t hide from God, I can’t run from myself
I know Satan is lying in wait
I am nowhere near where I should be
I’m a million miles from where I was
I am Israel and I am Jacob
my best is yet to come
God guides me, the angels guard me
I am tormented by demons within
I am faithful, I pray to remain humble
it is a battle not to sin
Lord hear me, please forgive me
I am filthy and unworthy
I am frustrated and it’s taking forever
but I will not abandon my journey


Nathaniel Terrell is a writer, poet, author, and spoken word artist. In 2014 he published an inaugural collection poems Here goes nothing through Mylk”n”honee publishing. Other of his work has been in publications including Cram journal, Writing Raw, Fine line journal, Maudlin house, Good Men Project, Finding the birds, Havik, Nine cloud journal. By late spring his second manuscript of poems Is there not a cause will be released through Atmosphere Press.