Video & Studio recordings: 10/31 – 11/04 2019

As artists, we had reasons we already felt were relevant in making “GANG” as concept, theme, content creation and final works.

We do not support violence & unfortunately our content continues to be relevant in 2020 forward. “Gang”’s content reflects a repeating situation of oppression, divisive politics.

The divisive nature of the current presidential seat is a danger to everyone.

This Cannot Happen Ever Again.

Our Upside Down Black And White Flag Represents The Current State Of America.

We Are Not Ok With The Current Violent, Divisionist, Lying, White House Administration.

Wake Up!!! This Is Not Good!!!

They Are Breaking Down Our United States Of America & Destroying Our Resources, Opportunistic Bridges And Global Reputation Every Day.

This Is Not Entertainment Of Loss And Struggle, This Is Real And Enlightening To A Repeating Reality!!!

Allowing It Here, At Home, In America Creates Similar Effects Of Dissonance & Mismanagement Around The World.

Our Responsibility As Individuals Is To Be Good People & Help Each Other!!!

Our Artistry Is Here To Stop Discrimination & Violence!!!

Liberty And Justice For All.