Desolation Angel
Just got out of prison Los Lunas New Mexico.
She was smoking crack back in Chicago.
I was headed there to get my life on track.
She was living each day at two C-Notes a whack.
Oh mercy,
Sometimes it gets so crazy.
I’m dirty used and wasted
wearing turn around shoes.
Her kitchen’s full of garbage.
Her curtains all peeked through.
The dogs of years nipping at my heels.
I am cheating sisters of the dice.
She all dolled up like Chinese food.
And l’m fool fried twice.
It can all get so damn crazy.
The best part of truth seems to be the lies
god gives his left handed smile.
I can’t live life in the middle of the road.
Traffic comes at me from both sides.
There’s nowhere to hide.
Desolation Angel
I’m a Desolation Angel
Last time that I killed myself.
There were no vacancies in hell.
And she was doing’ Jesus
in some stained sheet motel.
Life’s a bitch, and she’s in heat.
Looking for someone to screw.
Time’s cracking his knuckles.
She’s out working the avenue.
Tell me how’d get so crazy
I’ll play the hand that’s dealt me
Choke down what’s on my plate
I drew a crooked Tarot card to my inside straight.
She whispers to me like shuffling dollar bills.
Her banjo eyes are waning’.
Come on take a hit it could be worse,
It could be raining.
Did I just feel a raindrop?
Thought I heard the thunder roll.
Another junkie that can’t stop.
Another addict outta control
Oh I sold my soul
Desolation angel
Desolation angel
Now the storm has ceased.
And I’m back in prison up here in Chicago.
How it ever turned so crazy?
I’m sure I’ll never know.
Desolation angel
Judge Burdon


On a cool July morning in Chicago, Judge Burdon was born on a Friday. He attended Universities in the United States, London and Paris focusing on Victorian novels and authors. His short stories and poems have been featured in magazines, podcasts and online publications. He is presently engaged in completing his book “Imitation of Myself A Cautionary Tale.” It tells of his experiences as a drug runner for a Mexican Cartel. Judge lives modestly in Costa Rica.


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